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Rev. Dr.Abhimanu Prasad Samson

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55 years old
Gaya, Bihar. India.
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The Village Gospel Missionary Of India.Regd.

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I was born and brought up in the a Hindu Brahmin family. My father was a Temple priest. Being an eldest son of all I would play the role of my father in performing Pujas at home and in Temple as well in absence of my father. They would perform Pujas without fail especially during the time of festivals. I knew many Hindu books by heart. I would start his spiritual exercises early in the morning.

I was enslaved to idolatry. I would get up early in the morning, spruce up the Poojah room, going in search of flowers came back and sit in front of the idols in deep reverence and adoration. Right from the years of his understanding I used to feel delectable in idol worship.

Through my family was so regular in performing all sorts pujas to their God's and Goddesses, there was no peace in my family amongst the children and parents either. All those pujas didn't give them the peace of mind. They were just pushing the family ahead without any joy in that family.

In the year 1979, I happens to go to Gaya to pursue my highest study, As I was passing by main road, I saw a pamphlet, which was lying on the road. I picked it up and read it in which I saw written, "Make good relationship with God". When I read it, I got so fascinated towards it and desired to know much about Jesus. In that same place one girl  who was selling 12 booklet just for 25 paise (INR). I noticed her and moreover the desire to know about strange God whom one cannot compare with any other Gods or Goddesses had led me to buy and made me to read all of them. I read Gospel of John Chapter 1 verse 1 to 4, "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men" Than I started thinking in my own mind, in ant there is life, in elephant there is life. There is also life in the people but in Him was life, How wonderful is that life ? the life was the light of men. And one among them was Light in which it was like this I thinks "Stars and moon gives us light in the night while Sun gives us light in the daytime" But that book let says that He is the light of the world and without Him nobody will get in to heaven" which means, one has to accepts Jesus as their personal saviour in order to inherit his kingdom. As I was reading those books, slowly I started getting peace of mind which I never experienced ever before, In fact I was desperately seeking to get peace of mind. After reading all books, I came to one conclusion that Jesus is the only God and one has to accepts Jesus as  personal saviour in order to saved and get into heaven. In the same year I accepted Jesus as ones personal saviour and took baptism in the same year in month of September 30th. 1979.

Today I am ministering in and around the India. I am doing God ministry since 1984. I preach word of God village to village, town to town, every people groups of Bihar. I am working in four district of Bihar. The local language is Magahi a little different from Hindi language. In the years 1999 establish The Village Gospel Missionary Of India. 

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