The Village Gospel Missionary Of India.(Regd.)

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Current Needs.

You Can Make a HUGE Difference!!

Below is a summary of the current programs and projects that The Village Gospel Missionary of India, seeking support for. We welcome your one time or ongoing contributions toward any of the following.

Sponsor a Church

Planting a church in a village / town is a progressive work in the course of time. This is a project minimum of two years which is committed by the respective missionary sent to the particular village.

The expenses for a missionary would vary according to the living conditions. The range would be from $ 80-$100 per month to care completely a missionary family.



The church building would cost $ 5000, when the work progresses.

You are welcome to adopt a church planting project as God leads you.Please write to us at mail to:  and we will send you the details of a village/town.

You are welcome to visit the church of your choice and our ministries any time during the project period and we will be pleased by your visit.

Assist a Pastors:

Missionaries are considered pastors after planting the church in the respective village / town. The local church will support the pastor to some extent, however due to the living conditions in the villages and town every pastor needs some pastoral assistance.

A minimum $ 100 would help a pastor to care his family, children’s education, etc.,

Likewise $ 1000-1200 would enable a pastor to own a two wheeler vehicle

You are welcome to sponsor a pastor as God leads you; Please write to us at mailto:, and we will send you the details of the pastor and his congregation.

You are welcome to visit the church of your choice and our ministries any time and we will be pleased by your visit.


 - Child Sponsors : Hundreds of children are anxiously awaiting a sponsor to commit to $50/month to provide food,healthcare,education and safe place to live. Want you sponsor a child today?



 - New Life Children Home: A much needed to complete Ground ,1st and 2nd floor is required to adequate living                                               space for the current children and many others, who will need a place to live in the                                             coming months and years. Cost for each floor is $14000.

- Vehicle for Abhimanu - Sharda Mission School : Transportation is greatly needed to carry food and supplies from the                                                                        market for this large unit where 250 children are attending school.                                                                       The Cost for the Vehicle is $9000.

-Farmland : VGM is hoping to purchase fertile farmland to feed the many orphaned children that go to bed hungry each night. the cost per acre of good farmland to grow vegetables and fruit tress is $8000

-Teacher - More teachers are needed to educate the ever-growing number if children in VGM Supported school. The cost just $80/month to place a teacher in a classroom of students who untill now have never had anyschooling.


-Sponsors a child - 

Sponsor a Child
There are more children in India than any other country in the world. Every day many of them live in acute danger of being trafficked, maimed, or sold into slavery. have parents who are bonded laborers. When you sponsor a child, you make an investment in their freedom and their future. Without your help, most cannot stay in school or escape the poverty that puts them at risk for commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, child labor, or slave labor. 
 you will ensure that a dalit child in Bihar, India receives an education and other critical resources, such as health care. The gift of education is a source of hope to a child and his or her family.