The Village Gospel Missionary Of India.(Regd.)

Transforming Peoples to Transform Nations The Gospel must first be preached unto all Nations (Mark:13-10)

Ministry :-

 • Evangelism & Church Planting - Bringing Hope for Hopeless people with word of God.


Evangelism is the Heartbeat of VGM. Good news of Jesus is shared to the rich and the poor, to the learned and the unlearned, urban & rural people, to children, university students, neighbours, crossing all barriers of language, culture and influence level, ”And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations - Mark 13:10” continues to be its driving force since 1984. 


Active Evangelism aiming at saturation church planting in Cities, Villages and Tribal areas has resulted in 100 Worshiping fellowships within India, among people groups, spread across 6 districts and 500 Blocks, influencing more than 1 million People.

VGM strives to echo the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to the unreached people. Efforts have been made to present Gospel through efficient and strategic ways, considering the different groups of people, their languages, culture, social status and influence level.

Film Evangelism has proven to be one of the effective ways to introduce Christ in villages, among those who haven’t heard about Jesus before. There 6 film teams reaching nearly 1 million people every year with ‘Jesus’ film and other Gospel messages.

Medical Evangelism is yet another effective way of reaching out to the people with the Gospel when they are being treated by our medical team. More than two thousand patients are treated every year and are given an opportunity to listen to the Gospel through focused evangelical strategies. Healthy Patients to Heaven!


Church Planting: Since 1984 VGM Actively Concentrates On Church Planting.  Very Hard For Bro. A.P. Samson And Co-Workers As They Could See Very Little Fruits In Spite Of Toiling Day And Night. It Was The Hardest Part Of Ministry In The History Of VGM. We Could Witness A Good Harvest And Many Souls Were Added To The Church.  We Then Consolidated Those Believers And Used Them To Plant Churches In Different Places.

Preaching Point (PP): PPs are fellowships which meet at least once a month in place with or without baptized believers.


House Church (HC): HCs are fellowships which meet once in a week or at least twice in a month in any place with 5 baptised believers.




Emerging Church (EC): ECs are fellowships which must meet once in a week in any place with 6 to 15 baptised believers.




Established Church (ESC): ECs are fellowships which must meet once in a week in any place with 15 baptised believers. At least 1 Bible men (mature believer or elder who can assist the Pastor), 2 Elders and 1 Treasurer.










• Homes to orphaned children - giving motherly care to Orphan and abandoned children.

• Educational / School - Providing education to Poor and Dalits children of rural villages.

• Village wells : Water for the people, who are in Urgent need of water.

• Buddith Ministry : this means sharing word of God among them, Proclaim word of God among them. Jesus is the only way, Truth and Life.

• Youth Ministries : Reaching the youth with word of God.

• Care of Old age, Widows Women/ Poor people/ Widow assistance.

• Awareness program of HIV / AIDS.

• Health and Medical Care.

Ministry to Women by Women.

Jesus Movie Show in Rural Villages.

• Pastors care, Prophetic Leaders,Teaching, Praying, Apostolic Training and seminars